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Eligibility of Nominees

  • Eligibility of Nominees shall be restricted to individuals who are citizens of African countries or were born in Africa or Africa-based institutions that have made outstanding contributions to Africa’s agricultural research, agribusiness, and policies.
  • Members of the AIASC, organisations headed by AIASC members, staff members of FARA and Afreximbank, and the legal entities of FARA and Afreximbank are NOT eligible for nomination.
  • A candidate nominated in a year and not selected may be re‐submitted in a subsequent year by the same or different nominator.
  • Any of the three Awards may be given posthumously at the discretion of the AIASC and on a case‐by‐case basis.
  • The award may only be conferred on an individual once in a lifetime. This does not affect institutional awards.
  • An award will be given only if suitable nominations are received in a year.

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