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Africa Research Excellence Award

The Africa Research Excellence Prize is set aside to acknowledge and honor individuals, agencies, or institutions that have conducted impactful research with the potential for scalability and significant positive impact. The prize seeks to recognize and promote research excellence in Africa by highlighting outstanding contributions to knowledge generation, innovation, and socio-economic development. It aims to showcase the value and importance of research in addressing key challenges and improving livelihoods on the continent.


Nominees for this Prize must:

    • Be born in or/and be a citizen of an African country conducting research in an Africa-based institution.


    • Have made an outstanding contribution through research that has had a clear impact on reducing hunger and poverty, improving nutritional security, improving agricultural productivity food safety, reducing food losses and waste, increasing resilience to food system risks and shocks, improving opportunities for jobs and income generation, improving environmental sustainability in Africa, promoting development or agricultural and food supply chains and resilience.


    • Demonstrate readiness to share knowledge, collaborate, and support efforts to increase research and innovation contribution and scale up their innovation to expand its impact on African livelihoods. form